How Has Watch Gang Given Away Over 50 Free Rolexes?

What Kind of Rolexes Do Members Win?

(Wednesday, June 21st, 2017) - This "Watch of the Month" Club is Shaking up the Watch Industry

Watch lovers are in for a special treat. Watch Gang, at only 9 months old, has become the largest and most loved watch of the month club in the world. They have absolutely exploded since Grammy / Academy Award Winner Jamie Foxx posted about them on Instagram. It's true, Jamie Foxx is part of Watch Gang and as of February, so is Entourage star, Jeremy Piven.

For $29 or $99, Watch Gang ships you a new watch that you KEEP worth up to 5x what you pay. It works a lot like many other monthly clubs where you pay a low membership fee and get products worth more than you paid. Watch Gang is doing things a bit differently, though. One member of Watch Gang wins a Rolex every Friday and one member wins a TAG every Tuesday! That is something worth checking out, so I did. The $29 tier gets you fashion watches worth up to $150. The $99 membership, Watch Gang Black gets you well known brands worth up to $500. They just partnered with Citizen which means they are highly valued as a resource in the watch community.

I signed up pretty easily at I love watches and my style always changes, so I signed up for a year. That got me my membership for only $24.99 a month... pretty cheap (I signed up for the fashion watch tier). I thought I might be renting these watches, but it turns out - you KEEP everything they send you, even the Rolex if you win!

The reviews are great, so I figured I'd try it myself

Here's my review of watch number 1:

They ship watches on the 16th of each month and it's always a surprise which I really love. I was so happy when I got my box in the mail to see what I was getting! It feels like Christmas every month.

This thing is awesome. I'm definitely a fan of this watch! I searched for it and found it on Amazon for $269. I'm amazed at the value.

So even though I didn't get a Rolex, I am SO happy with the watch I got! It is $500 MSRP ($269 on Amazon) so I definitely feel like I got a great deal for my low membership fee.

This is a BOLDR Journey Chronograph: Wasp. It is so beautiful in person. It uses a Seiko VK64 Meca-Quartz movement with domed saphire crystal and Marine-grade Stainless Steel (Black PVD-IP Coating).

Watch Gang gives away free months, free cases and kits, multiple Rolex and TAG watches and more.

So... what if you don't love the watch? - Great question. Watch Gang actually offers an exchange program! So if you get a watch that doesn't fit your style, you can easily trade it for something else you love! What an amazing company!


I have to say, I am 100% behind this company. They have an amazing community of watch lovers and they truly care about their customers. I'm getting nice, expensive watches for a super low membership fee and a chance to get a Rolex every week. They used to do one Rolex a month, and as they've grown, they keep adding more! They giveaway one Rolex every Friday and one TAG every Tuesday - live on their Facebook page.

Go to and sign up!


Beach walks with my guy are the best! We're both a part of the @watchgangig #watchgangblack

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3 of these have already been won. Who's ready for more #RolexFridays 💥

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Congratulations to our second October Rolex winner, Gabo Jamail! Happy to have you as part of the family!

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IMPORTANT: You must sign up by the 10th to receive your watch for the current month!

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