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My 8 Month Test With Watch Gang

A review of the World’s largest watch club

Eight months ago, none of my friends would have called me a watch enthusiast or even a collector. That has changed a bit. 8 months ago I didn't know much about watches and I certainly didn't have a passion for them. My wife bought me two memberships to Watch Gang for my birthday. Why two? Because they had a $29 and $99 membership and she didn't know which one I'd like more. I'd heard of Watch Gang and I had even watched some of their giveaway videos but sort of chalked it up as a gimmick.

So what is Watch Gang? For $29 or $99, Watch Gang ships you a new mystery watch that you keep that is supposed to be worth more than you pay. It works a lot like other "box of the month" clubs where you pay a membership fee and get products worth more than your fee because they can buy in bulk. Watch Gang is doing things a bit differently, though. They don't send everyone the same watch and as a membership bonus, they do a live Rolex and TAG giveaway every week. So to be clear, I am not renting the watch and I don't have to send it back. It's mine to sell or smash with a hammer - whatever I want.

I documented my experience each month and compared it to Watch Gang's guarantee. For $29 they promise a watch worth $50-$150. For the $99 membership, they promise a watch worth $150-$500. Obviously I love that my wife got this for me but I also thought that I'd probably not like most of the watches I am sent. Worst case, I figured I'd learn about watches and give them out as gifts if they didn't fit my style. I am documenting the watches I received, some details about it and the price I found it for online (along with any notes about my experience in that month). If you want to skip the details and just read the 8 month summary, click here.
So here we go:


Month 1 Slide for next month

THE WATCH - Air Blue Charlie World Time

I actually love this watch and it gets weekly wrist time. It's a military inspired pilot watch and it's truly beautiful. The value is solid. I'd never heard of Air Blue before so it's pretty cool that I got a watch I like so much that I never would have found without Watch Gang.

$99 Membership
THE VALUE - $293 (3x membership value)

Month 2 Slide for next month

THE WATCH - Boldr "Panda" Chronograph

Another homerun in the Watch Gang $99 membership. Aside from the design (which I LOVE), the value is amazing. $518 to buy this watch online. It uses a movement often found in TAG watches

$99 Membership
THE VALUE - $518 (5x membership value)

Month 3 Slide for next month

THE WATCH - Citizen Eco Drive Titanium

I've actually owned a couple Citizen watches so I am well aware of the brand. This is a very light weight watch because the case is made completely out of titanium. It's an eco-drive which means it's powered by light. Mine has a black ostrich leather strap. Value is pretty good at 2.5x what I paid.

$99 Membership
THE VALUE - $243.75 (2.5x membership value)

Month 4 Slide for next month

THE WATCH - Egard Navita

I'd say this is the most unique watch I've received so far. I'm not sure how I feel about it. It has very good quality and I'm not complaining too much at receiving an almost $1,000 watch ($375 on sale) for my $99. I also like that this is an automatic watch which means it doesn't use a battery and winds itself as I wear it.

$99 Membership
THE VALUE - $375 (3.75x membership value)

Month 5 Slide for next month

THE WATCH - Heritor Odysseus

I look at this watch in pictures and have to say it is strikingly more beautiful in person. This is my first skeleton watch (and another automatic) and it's a great dress watch for me to wear. Again, 6x value

$99 Membership
THE VALUE - $600 (6x membership value)

Month 6 Slide for next month

THE WATCH - Tschuy-Vogt Centurion Swiss Chronograph

Don't get me started on the name. I don't know how to say it, but I do really like this one. It's another Swiss watch and it's heavy! The links in the band are solid and this feels like a very expensive piece.

$99 Membership
THE VALUE - $199 (2x membership value)

Month 7 Slide for next month

THE WATCH - TW Steel Canteen

The TW Steel I received has a very nice blue dial with gold accents. It's a bit big for me, so I sold this on eBay for $205. Actually made a profit on my membership by doing that.

$99 Membership
THE VALUE - $274.69 (2.7x membership value)

Month 8 Slide for next month

THE WATCH - Armand Basi "Pepsi Dial" Rocket

This is what I'm talking about! The colors, the automatic movement, the travel case, the extra strap - it's amazing! What a win! And worth $450!

$99 Membership
THE VALUE - $480 (4.8x membership value)


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THE WATCH - Breed Alpha 2

This was my first watch from Watch Gang. I like the style just fine and I can definitely find times to wear it. It's sort of a sporty style. I was impressed that I received a Swiss watch in my $29 membership.

$29 Membership
THE VALUE - $149 (5x membership value)

Month 2 Slide for next month

THE WATCH - Deportes Stainless Steel Mesh

Honestly, not a big fan of this one. I don't really love mesh bands. I gifted this watch to my brother and he loved it. I'm happy that it was worth 3x what I paid.

$29 Membership
THE VALUE - $99.99 (3x membership value)

Month 3 Slide for next month

THE WATCH - Bernoulli Banshee

Not bad at all. I like the green on the bezel and the swirled dial is pretty cool. I might wear this a few times and then try to trade it. Again, the value is pretty good - 3x my cost.

$29 Membership
THE VALUE - $294,50 (10x membership value)

Month 4 Slide for next month

THE WATCH - 32 Degrees Swiss Diver

VERY impressed with this one at the $29 level! This is a Swiss watch that will most certainly get a lot of wrist time. The lume on it is excellent; it glows very bright at night and underwater.

$29 Membership
THE VALUE - $249.55 (8.5x membership value)

Month 5 Slide for next month

THE WATCH - Jet Set New York

I don't love gold, but I do actually like this watch. It goes with a few outfits and the whole reason for the club is to get a good value and discover watches I wouldn't have known about before. I think for those reasons, this is a solid watch. Great value at almost 2x what I paid.

$29 Membership
THE VALUE - $183.00 (6x membership value)

Month 6 Slide for next month

THE WATCH - Simplify 2800

I think it's pretty cool that this came with an extra band and a tool. I was able to swap the strap myself and I now basically have 2 watches for the price of one. And a tool to use on my other watches. I enjoy that I'm learning more about watches and how they work.

$29 Membership
THE VALUE - $250 (8x membership value)

Month 7 Slide for next month

THE WATCH - PureDial Square Legac

Well... a square watch with a purple dial. Surprisingly I do actually wear this watch! It is a nice dress watch. I only wear it with a suit. The purple is very cool! It has what is called a "sunburst" dial and when the light hits it, wow! Thanks to Watch Gang for getting me to step out of my comfort zone! Even if I hated this, at $29 I'll just give it to a friend. Glad I like it though!

$29 Membership
THE VALUE - $125 (4x membership value)

Month 8 Slide for next month

THE WATCH - Pulsar Classic Solar Powered

Pulsar is owned by Seiko which is one of the biggest watch companies in the world. I was surprised that Watch Gang was able to nail them down as a partner. No complaints at all about this one. I like it a lot and I wear it often!

$29 Membership
THE VALUE - $93.08 (3x membership value)

Watches received: 16
Total cost of membership so far: $1,040
Total value of membership so far: $4,029.15
= 4x Membership Value on Average

I have to hand it to the folks at I received this membership as a gift but was skeptical. Out of the 16 watches I received, I only hated 1 of them. I was on the fence about 4 others but I was able to gift them or sell them really easily. By April (month 3), I was itching to get my shipment! This feels like an addiction. They ship on the 16th of each month. It really feels like my birthday every month. What a gift! I've learned about watches and have drastically stepped up my wardrobe. I am going to keep my subscription going and I'll post another update at the 1 year mark!

REVIEWS | 98 Reviews (Avg: 4.9 / 5)

Enjoying opening up a new watch every month! The anticipation of potentially winning a higher end watch adds to the month excitement. Would recommend to anyone looking to expand their collection, or starting off!
Apr 24, 2018
ON Time Quality product, problems fixed right away. I don't know anyone who provides this type of service today.
Robert C. K.
Apr 24, 2018
I absolutely LOVE Watch Gang! It’s such a great company with amazing hook ups on high quality watches. I spent a little more and went for the Platinum subscription because I knew I would be happier with the value and high quality timepiece.
Michael H.
Apr 23, 2018
I truly enjoy the surprise watch in the mail every month. Even the months that are not something I would ever wear are fun to explore! Definitely not a club for everyone, but it seems like a large number of us who have tested it are hooked for life.
Apr 23, 2018
Awesome experience and I love receiving my monthly subscription. I have also met some incredible le people on the exchange.
Lorenzo F.
Apr 23, 2018
I have been a Watchgang member for six months now. All six watches upon unboxing have put a smile on my face. One of them has become like my daily.
Thomas k.
Apr 23, 2018
Watch gang always surprises me with amazing time pieces. I wish there were more color and styles
Kevin C.
Apr 23, 2018
Great affordable watches. Quick delivery. Good variability but within the parameters I set up initially. Love this watch club
Andrew U.
Apr 23, 2018
This is the BEST service that I've ever been gifted. I Look forward to my watch EACH month and spin for one TOO OFTEN.
David K.
Apr 23, 2018
Been a member for several months now and just upgraded to the platinum level but at any level the watches you get will be well worth the month spent. I'd also like to thank Nick who is part of customer support; outstanding job on the phone a few moments ago, this is why clients like me stay for the long term.
C. Donnell / Chicago
January 5th, 2018
I got my first watch today. The timing couldn’t be anymore perfect. Super fast delivery. And WOW!! What a great looking watch. I love it.
Sam Goodway
December 19th, 2017
I joined last month, I was a little sceptical at 1st. I joined the middle tier and my first watch retails for over $200 bucks. Its not my style but you can trade within the group. But so far I'm genuinely excited about this group. A great bunch of folks with excellent taste in time pieces. Shipping is always on time or early. Yeah I'm telling all my friends to join, especially once they ask about my fly watches I'm wearing at work. Thanks Watch Gang for keeping us excited and hopeful. You guys are truly doing some big of luck!
Thomas, Charlotte NC, Compass Group
December 16th, 2017


I am 100% behind this company. They have an amazing community of watch lovers and they truly care about their members. I'm getting nice, expensive watches for a super low membership fee.

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