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"Watch Gang" Has Changed the Watch Industry

Review of

This "Watch of the Month" Club is Shaking up the Watch Industry

Watch lovers are in for a special treat. Watch Gang, at only a year old, has become the largest and most loved watch club in the world. They have absolutely exploded since Grammy / Academy Award Winner Jamie Foxx posted about them on Instagram. It's true, Jamie Foxx is part of Watch Gang.

They have multiple plans for all budgets, but we tried "Watch Gang Black" which is what we're writing about. For $99, Watch Gang ships you a new watch that you keep worth up to 5x what you pay. You do NOT send it back. It works like many other monthly clubs where you pay a low membership fee and get products worth more than you paid. The real surprise? One member of Watch Gang wins a Rolex every Friday and one member wins a TAG every Tuesday! For $99 you get valuable brands worth $500+. They partner with big brands (Citizen, Seiko, etc) as well as craft brands that only produce a few pieces.

I signed up pretty easily at I love watches and my style always changes, so I signed up for a year. That got me my membership for only $99 a month... an amazing deal if I'm really getting $500 watches. I thought I might be renting these watches, but it turns out - you do keep everything they send you.

Signing Up:

  • I went to
  • I setup my preferences (they let you choose what kind of watches fit your style)
  • I picked the membership level I'm comfortable with (Watch Gang Black - they also offer much higher end watches)

Here's my review of my first watch:

They ship watches on the 16th of each month and it's always a surprise which I really love. I was so happy when I got my box in the mail to see what I was getting! It feels like Christmas every month.

This thing is awesome. I'm definitely a fan of this watch! I searched for it and found it online for $599. I'm amazed at the value.
Here's the watch selling online for $599!

I am SO happy with the watch I got! It is $800 MSRP ($599 on sale at Jomashop) so I definitely feel like I got a great deal for my low membership fee.

This is the Heritor Morrison Japanese Automatic. It is so beautiful in person. It is my first automatic watch (no battery) and has sapphire crystal. It matches the preferences I setup perfectly.

So... what if you don't love the watch? - Great question. Watch Gang actually offers an exchange program so if you get a watch that doesn't fit your style, you can easily trade it for something else you love! There's no risk and this is the most fun club I've been a part of.


I have to say, I am 100% behind this company. They have an amazing community of watch lovers and they truly care about their customers. I'm getting nice, expensive watches for a low membership fee and a chance to get a Rolex every week. They used to do one Rolex a month, and as they've grown, they keep adding more! They giveaway one Rolex every Friday and one TAG every Tuesday - live on their Facebook and Instagram page!

Go to and sign up!

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